Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pray tell--where does time go?

We recognize it has been a considerable duration since last we kept interested parties updated with the excursion we are at present pursuing...
Erik has been busy, for once, this past week with working on some school work. He had an argument due at noon on Tuesday and a portfolio due five hourse thereafter. HThe argument--Dublin's suffocating effect on Stephen Dedalus's artistic necessities as a modern intellectual. Great fun. Yes.
Portfolio--Presentations of God in Royalist literature of the English Civil War (or somethinglikethat). Very interesting. Mhm.
This last weekend taught him a lesson he learned long ago, but apparently there was a relapse: Procastination is not a profitable way of leading one's scholarly career. No 'tisn't. He hasn't done very much for quite some time regarding his school work, as it all seemed so distant--when suddenly it is days before two documents are due and he hasn't started! Nostalgia of Freshman year <>. Now he will surely try to keep himself on top of things. About four weeks to go and four papers to write. Simple math shows this is roughly one paper for every week. While it is unlikely they will be produced in such structured fashion, he will make a more conscious effort of at least working, sorting, thinking on, out, about these papers in a timely manner.
Alyssa has also been quite busy working with Amnesty International (Promoting human rights on a global scale for nearly half a century). The organization is to hold a position in the upcoming 'St. Patrick's Day Parade' which will take place in Galway City. She has been labouring with two others, James and Lotte, Irish and German, in the construction of the party's theme and presentation. After some struggles and discussions, the members have decided on banners, signs, a personified candle with personified and minionated flames revolving around, as well as a percussion/samba band to march the personifcations in uniform cadence.
The previous evening to the current date (that is, 5 March 2009), the Alyssa and Erik went to see a production of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. While the script was superb and the venue charming, the company, as a whole, was perhaps a bit lacking. It was a very enjoyable stage production, one must consent, but at times some players acheived an air of haughtiness about them; although this is Wilde's intent with some characters, it has always seemed to be on a subtler scale--as if the characters don't know of their pomp. Exaggerated, these actors made their characters very aware of their pomp, which detracted from the very irony and wit that bites every line. Lady Bracknell was fabulous.
Another reason, beyond that of business, that updates have not been as regular, is the lack of electronic-hyperspace availability through the medium of evanescent networking. Only that of direct linkage has been available at the Hoppe abode; and that hardwire manifests itself in a living area often occupied by numerous persons. It has been a most difficult task to join the multitudes on this most advanced mainframe. For this, we duly apologize.
A fond farewell until our next entry on this WeBlog that excitingly connects so many persons and frighteningly shrinks our world to that of a prompting screen.

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