Friday, February 13, 2009

So here I am...In Dublin and it's late

Here we are in Dublin and it is all alot of fun. It is like...what? 2:30 AM and we had a great night out. We went to the Official Temple Bar and had a drink. It was um very expensive. Not too much worth it. So we headed around and went to some other places
The hostel is very nice. It is Avalon House. Apparently a best of European Hostels. I don't know. But its good. Free computers!!! Woo!!!
Tomorrow we are waking up early and going to the James Joyce Center. I love that man. He is probably the greatest genius since Mozart or Da Vinci. But better because he wrote Ulysses. I don't know if YOU know. But that is THE best novel ever written. Okay so quite a claim, and arguable...but it's in the pantheon for sure. If you haven't read it. OOOO a pun. so. yes I am going to stop at episode landings...
We also discovered the national library has a Yeats exhibit. Which we will stop at. He is great too. A mentor to the previous ex-patriate.
I don't have much else to say besides a rant. Which I won't put you through. It's Dublin. And I am um here. Hah!
Greetings! Until Next time when this will make more sense
I was just back and was thinking OOOOO a blog! A blog! How Millenium-Centual. Hah. Yes. You know what I mean
Only it's not anymore. Damn Modernists and their PRINT TYPE and their SOC oh here I am thinking I am all Modern and just writing on a Computer!! Compute for me please (it can't)!
Cheers and farewell. I know you wish you could sip that Guinness in this native city.
Also some newsI saw a poster and that is Charlie Parr is playing Dublin on birthday. I love him and am thinking of retunring to see him. Ohhh yeah.
And's to G, S, and G. Cheers!

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